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A summer fete in Calvisson

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Flamingos in the Camargue

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A summer fete in Calvisson

The Land and Traditions.

Flora and Fauna

The location is arguably one of the most beautiful and interesting in France. The landscape is as varied as it is stunning - bordered by both the Mediterranean and the mountains - where hundreds of species of wildlife thrive in their natural habitat, and carpeted with acres of vineyards, sunflowers, lavender and natural scrubland.

• Spend a day in a 4X4 on the 'Safari Nature de la Camargue' or visit the Parc Ornitholgique - 60 hectares of protected space dedicated to the protection of flora and fauna living in their natural environment.

• Over 200 species of flora have been recorded with juniper, cranberries, rosebay and many other herbs and shrubs populate the landscape.

• Wild boar, stag and roebuck are in abundance since being reintroduced to the region, while griffon vultures circle the Cevennes, beavers make their colonies there, and graceful pink flamingos thrive around the lagoons in the Camargue.

Traditional Festivities

Steeped in history, the region refuses to let go of it's traditions and marks many of them, such as 'la journée à l'ancienne' with festivities in the villages each year. With its close proximity to Spain there is a strong Catalan influence, where bullfighting is not uncommon especially during 'La Féria' (the bi-annual festival in Nimes which attracts visitors from all over Europe and the population swells tenfold ).

• The ‘Abrivado’ where many villages keep the tradition of honouring the bull and running the white horses of the Camargue through their streets in the summer season.

• In some towns the Romans left their mark by building large Arenas for entertainment - these are still used today for ‘Corridas’ or bullfighting festivals

• The sport of water-jousting which goes back to the Middle Ages can still be witnessed along the tributaries in coastal towns such as Le Grau du Roi.

Spas and Thalassotherapy

What better way to start a break in an area filled with such varied activities and sites than to spend a couple of days relaxing and restoring the spirit in complete tranquillity using one of nature's essential assets.

• Thalassa Port Camargue provides a programme of health cures and dietary packages while you can relax and revitalise using the natural curative ingredients of the water and the sun.

• Between the Cevennes and the Garrigues the thermal baths of Fumade Les Bains welcomes people to make the most of the therapeutic qualities of thermal sulphurated water.


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