Ageing Wine in Oak

A Local Market


A Chearful Vineyard Worker!

A Perfect Picnic

A well tendered vineyard.

Food and Wine.

A visit to the region would not be complete without visiting one of the many markets where pallets of local produce are displayed in glorious multicolour with aromas to entice! 

The variety of local produce is such that it cannot all be detailed, this short list will suffice to whet the appetite although it only touches on the gastronomic delights of the region

Specialities of the Region

  • The Olive tree thrived here during the Roman Empire and now the local Olive 'Picholine' is a base for gourmet delights such as tapenade and olive oil.
  • Honey (miel) of all varieties can be found on stalls at most markets
  • The 'Pelardon' is the traditional goat's cheese of the Cevennes - it owes it's delicate nutty flavour to the fact that the herds graze on the moors and in the undergrowth of the chestnut trees.
  • The Uzège is one of the main production centres in France for a particular variety of the famous Truffle.
  • Other products local to the area all of which are celebrated include Asparagus, Figs, Chestnuts, Camargue Rice and Shellfish, whilst dishes such as 'Boeuf à la Gardianne' and 'Brandade du Morue' should be tried and savoured!  


Being a part of the largest wine producing region in France means that there is a wealth of expertise to be drawn on and some extremely fine wines hail from the red and ochre earth enriched by the river Rhône to the east of the Gard.

  • Visit the numerous 'caves cooperatives' and private cellars and taste the various appellations such as St Gervais, Chusclan, Laudun, Pic St Loup and Regional Côtes du Rhône
  • The local 'Costières de Nimes' vineyards produce some excellent wines now widely recognized for their quality
  • The area is also home to the vintage Lirac and the premier French Rosé - Tavel
  • Tours, 'dégustations' and educational days such as introductions to oenology and the theory and practice of wine-tasting can all be arranged through the local Tourist Board


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