Nimes Arenes

Le Pont du Gard


A summer fete in Calvisson


A summer fete in Calvisson

Flamingos in the Camargue

Flamingos in the Camargue

Maison Carree


Le Jardin des Fontaines


Historical Gard

History has left its mark on the area where examples of culture and architecture from the arrival of the Romans through the Middle Ages to the Industrial Era are in evidence throughout the region.

Wander in and wonder at the towns and cities of historical significance in the area such as Nimes, Uzès, Montpellier, Arles, and Avignon (Provence) or visit the delightful mediaeval towns of Vézénobres, Aigues Mortes, La Roque-sur-Cèze and St Guilhem-le-Désert (Hérault).

The whole of the Gard and in particular the town of Nimes is often a revelation waiting to take the new visitor by surprise and the many sites and attractions are too numerous to list individually, but here are some of the highlights:

• Le Pont du Gard is the most spectacular and best preserved part of a grandiose aqueduct built by the Romans to transport water from Uzès to Nimes. A whole day is required to visit Le Site Pont du Gard where both adults and children alike can take in the variety of activities.

• Les Arènes de Nimes (The Nimes Arena) is one of the finest remaining examples of a Roman Colliseum in the world. Built at the end of the first century AD, it stands virtually intact, having withstood the ravages of time and various civil wars to give visitors a magnificent sense of being able to touch life in the Roman era where it was once used for gladiatorial combat. Today it hosts a number of events such as the ‘Corridas’ (bull fights) during the traditional May & September festivals, musical concerts and re-enactments of it’s Roman history (it was used as a location for the screening of the film ‘Gladiators’)

• La Maison Carrée is a stunning Roman Temple dating from between 3-5 AD and remains remarkably intact. It was built by the residents of Nîmes to honor the grandson and adopted son of the emperor Augustus Caesar. On the opposite side of the square stands Le Carré d’Art, designed by British architect Norman Foster and a superb juxtaposition of modern architecture and historical creations. Le Carrée d’Art operates as the library and hosts international art exhibitions.

• Le Jardin de la Fontaine with the ruin’s of Diana’s Temple and the Tour Magne above, giving a beautiful view across the entire city and region,

Tours & Parks

The area has a fascinating mix of parks and tours with something of interest for all ages. Within a few square kilometres you can find anything from trips on a steam train to guided walks through bamboo forests, from descents into mines to tours of aquariums such as:

• The 'Train à Vapeur des Cevennes' (Cevennes steam train) takes you on a 13km tour of the magnificent countryside into the heart of the Cevennes in the Gardon Valley

• The 'Bambouseraie de Prafrance' is a unique forest of giant bamboos and exotic trees, plants and flowers

• Experience the intense emotion of the miners as you follow their path down a lift shaft and through 700 metres of galleries of mining history at La Mine Témoin d'Alès.

• Look behind the scenes at climatologists at work and visit the meteorological museum at the Mont Aigoual Observatory.

Arts, Crafts and Museums

The GARD is rich in popular rural traditions and the craftsmen today still strive to preserve and maintain their local 'savoir-faire'. Innumerable museums and craft centres are evidence of the depth of knowledge of a region which has witnessed two thousand years of history.

• Visit the centres of 'Vasses Boisset d'Anduze' and St Quentin la Poterie - the epicentre of a region dedicated to the arts of clay and fire

• Delve deep into the soul of the Cevennes at the 'Musée des Vallées Cevenoles' to find a rich array of exhibitions devoted to the traditional activities of silk worm culture and the harvesting of the chestnut trees

• The 'Musée des Beaux Arts' is home to a wealth of art and archeological artefacts

• The 'Musée du Désert' tells the story of the Huguenots and the Camisards of the Cevennes and their struggles and battles with the State and the Catholic Church


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